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Who Did Junko Furuta Reject. She was a cheerful, studious girl who was more interested in her schooling than drinking or partying. The case of Junko Furuta is one of the most tragic and horrifying stories of abduction and torture out there.

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She looked forward to continuing her education and attending college. Known throughout Japan as concrete-encased high school girl, the case of Junko Furuta drew nationwide attention owing to sheer brutality the girl had to. She was pretty, bright, and got good grades in her classes at Yashio-Minami High.

Phone calls letters complaining about the light sentences flooded the Tokyo District.

She did not smoke, did not drink alcohol, and did not do drugs, which was seen as very uncool in the eyes of more.

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Above all, the fact that four high school boys were doing all these inhumane acts. Junko Furuta attended a high school in Misato, in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the high school four months later in The gang knew Junko might die, but did not stop.

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