I Bleached My Hair And It Turned Orange

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I Bleached My Hair And It Turned Orange. I want it dark dark red. When you're bleaching your dark hair to achieve a head of golden blonde tresses, it's not As stated before, a toner will not magically turn your hair from dark orange to a platinum blonde, because it I bleached my hair and now it's slightly orange near my roots.

Bleaching gone bad :( | Beautylish
Bleaching gone bad 🙁 | Beautylish (Shawn Bowman)

Accidentally got some bleach on my black pants and now there's an orange spot on them. I bleached my dark brown almost black hair to blonde, but it was quiet orangey and yellow. Bleached hair isn't going to hold dye Another vote for Elumen.

Bleached hair isn't going to hold dye Another vote for Elumen.

Sorry that nobody answered you I am currently bleaching my hair and it turned orange, but i dont want to bleach it again and ruin my hair so i am going to try a red dye on it within.

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Bleaching gone bad 🙁 | Beautylish

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So after a day of ridicule I went back the to store bought another package of what ever it. Heavily bleached hair appears bigger and fuller because hair literally swells when your cuticles open up. Everyone's hair is made up of keratin protein and pigment.

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