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Seinen Protagonist. The protagonist pursues the goals of the plot of a story, which may differentiate them from Example Protagonist vs Antagonist Activity. Der Gegenspieler eines Protagonisten wird als Antagonist.

Seinen (Character) | aniSearch
Seinen (Character) | aniSearch (Olive Armstrong)

This tag is used when the Protagonist of the story is the Seme/Gong/Top in a male x male relationship. Here's how to identify the protagonist and antagonist of any story, with clear definitions and examples! The protagonist of a story is the leading character.

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Protagonist (pronounced pro-TAG-oh-nist) is just another word for "main character.".

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Seinen (Character) | aniSearch

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Seinen (Character) | aniSearch

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Der Protagonist bezeichnet in der griechischen Tragödie den Darsteller der ersten Rolle (gegebenenfalls vor Deuteragonist und Tritagonist, das heißt zweite und dritte Hauptrolle). Future Diary is interesting as the true protagonist is reasonably moral (though not truly heroic), but all of his allies seem to have rather questionable morals. These warm, forthright types love helping others, and they tend to have strong ideas and values.

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