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Soul Eater Spirit. Upon doing that the meister's weapons will become a Deathscythe. «Your soul is gonna be mine!» Search, discover and share your favorite Soul Eater Spirit GIFs. A Spirit (幽霊, Yuurei) is a deceased entity in which is still active.

Spirit (Soul Eater) by reneg661 on DeviantArt
Spirit (Soul Eater) by reneg661 on DeviantArt (Bertie Cannon)

Spirit From the Soul Eater soundtrack. Soul Eater Evans- Соул Итер Эванс Брат: У него есть родной брат. Виртуозный скрипач. Спирит Албан-Spirit Albarn. Дочь: Мака Албан Повелитель: Синигами; До того как стал косой. Bones and Aniplex were responsible for the animation and music production respectively as well.

Spirit Albarn (スピリット・アルバーン, Supiritto Arubān ), also known as Death Scythe (デス・サイズ, Desu Saizu ), is Death's current weapon partner, father of Maka Albarn, and a Death Scythe of Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Spirit was the former partner of Franken Stein.

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Maka struggles to save Soul, but even if she manages to bring her partner back from the edge of insanity, it might be too late to rescue Blackâ˜+Star, Death the Kid, and their Weapons from the Kishin! Death Scythe (デス・サイズ), also known as Spirit (スピリット). Written and Composed by Taku Iwasaki.

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