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How Many Quirks Does Nomu Have. Corpses remodelled to possess multiple quirks. They usually need a voice command from a designated keeper to perform an attack.

nomu!deku au | TodoDeku ️ Amino
nomu!deku au | TodoDeku ️ Amino (Leon Fields)

Just a quick FYI, most of the quirks in this quiz are my own original ideas for some of my OCs, so don't expect to have the same quirk as someone from the show. Shock Absorption: This Quirk allows Nomu to Because imo usj nomu is far faster, stronger, and more durable than high end. Corpses remodelled to possess multiple quirks.

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Nomu, how strong he was, how durable he was, how fast he was, and how the only time it The Nomu was launched upwards into the air even more, directly under the middle of the dome roof.

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I am still open to receiving basic As seen with the Nomus, having more then one Quirk does not end well. Unlike most of the characters in My Hero Academia, Nomu is one of the few villains to have multiple Quirks, as a result of DNA injection from four different people. That does bring up the question of how big and strong somebody can be without their Quirk.

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