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To Love Ru Who Does Rito End Up With. Yūki Rito is the main male protagonist of the To Love-Ru series, and its sequel, To Love-Ru Darkness. I am sure and not sure the same time but he will end up with Hinata and yeah he will I always do research and see their moments 🙂 since naruto does not love hinata but hinata used to love him so who could end up with.

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To LOVE-Ru – 19 – Random Curiosity (Harry Sandoval)

Rito is the poor fate chewtoy in terrible situations who is oblivious. Other tiles: Motto To-Love-Ru, More Trouble, More ToLoveRu. To Love Ru is a Japanese manga series written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki.

Special thank you goes to Xyaqom who came up with this idea and beta-reading my stories.

But did you ever wonder what will happen if Rito did accept and kissed the girls which it would lead to something more Just go to my profile and start voting today.

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Most of whom are females who are in love with him, others, however, have shown slight interest in him and it's unknown whether they have feelings for him too. To-LOVE-Ru – Trouble -. Любовные неприятности. Rito is a shy boy just trying to get through life and pluck up the courage to confess his love to his long time school crush.

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