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Boku No Hero Academia Fanfiction Izuku Harem. Izuku Midoriya has supposedly been quirkless, but he never let that stop him from doing heroic acts, or Anime/Manga Romance X Men Mutant Crossover Mha. Comments: Has written two Boku no Hero Academia fanfiction, both with the MinaDeku ship, both are worth a read.

Boku No Hero Academia x Male Reader Harem Lemon ...
Boku No Hero Academia x Male Reader Harem Lemon … (Belle Santos)

Briefly about My Hero Academia Manga: The overall look of "quirks" recently discovered super forces, has been Izuku Midoriya is just one of the such person. How will the world of My Hero Academia will handle the heartless assassin with the power to absorb and nullify quirks? Some good My Hero Academia fanfic is romantic – depicting relationships between characters that are never explored within the canon itself.

A truth that Midoriya Izuku faces when he is harassed by his classmates with unique superpowers.

Needless to say, this story is AU, the characters may seem OOC to some and there will be smutty lemons.

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Since he had been a youngster, the rough middle schooler. Others tell stories about what would happen if certain canon details changed – what happens if Izuku actually has a quirk from the start? My Hero Academia – Otogi Magic Hour (Doujinshi).

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