50 Mesmerizing Why Was Samurai Champloo Canceled

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Why Was Samurai Champloo Canceled. Samurai Champloo isn't supposed to be directly compared to Cowboy Bebop and it would be wrong to do so because they are totally two different things, so we should understand why one is more POPULAR than the other. Samurai Champloo is all about the journey, not about the end-result.

Samurai Champloo S01e13 - video Dailymotion
Samurai Champloo S01e13 – video Dailymotion (Noah Zimmerman)

What Cowboy Bebop did for Jazz music, Samurai Champloo did for Hip Hop.. Watanabe can be considered the Quentin. Director Shinichiro Watanabe has continued to bring his own unique vision to more and more titles since then, but the Edo-period.

I could go on forever about Samurai Champloo… nice to see some anime fans rollin around, shit's dope af when done right. can we also take a moment to praise how GOAT this ED track is?

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Samurai Champloo was made almost two decades ago, which means that animation has changed a lot in that time. Watanabe can be considered the Quentin. I'm sure a lot of Champloo fans were panicking.

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