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Is Samurai Champloo Good. And by ever I mean live-action, animated, whatever. Oh, and if you watch Adult Swim regularly and haven't caught Samurai Champloo yet, shame on you.

Samurai champloo, Anime, Good animes
Samurai champloo, Anime, Good animes (Janie Phelps)

And by ever I mean live-action, animated, whatever. The action scenes are good in both, but I think Samurai Champloo had a lot more comedy. There's nothing like it for this unique reason.

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True, Cowboy Bebop is better written even though it might be less enjoyable. Discord: https.review haha i love anime. mugen and jin are such epic dudes amirite? anyway watch samurai champloo ok? this is a good review finish this one too okay??? -scamboli out. Samurai Champloo is one of the few anime I know to have mixed hip hop with old-school Samurai culture.

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