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Ao 3 Boku No Hero Academia Villain Deku. As if in pain, Deku's eyes were closed tightly. "I'm sorry for being useless." Bakugo Katsuki looked at him with widened eyes, internally panicking for what may come. However, he ignored his thoughts, not.

Boku No Hero Academia: Villain Deku by MintyBerries on ...
Boku No Hero Academia: Villain Deku by MintyBerries on … (Sophie Harvey)

He can be petty, twisted, and is loyal Katsuki knows that he is the reason that Deku is dead. Villains attack, Pixie Bob is injured, Deku fights this muscle guy and beats. Manga series writer Kohei Horikoshi is a busy guy.

Meanwhile, Deku is trying to protect the boy Kouta against a villain named Muscular.

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The boy is shocked when he recognizes the villain as. Deku doesn't become a hero, though he might be considered one to people that have been rejected by society. It seemed so forced, yet at the same time, it looked so sincere.

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