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Will Bakugo Be A Villain. The league of villains has already tried to recruit Bakugo because they thought he would be the easiest to convince, given his personality and performance at the sports festival, and failed. The strong rise to the top while the weak fester and fade away into nothing, just fallen leaves crunching beneath his boots in the autumn; not worth the thought.

Katsuki Bakugo/Image Gallery | My Hero Academia Wiki ...
Katsuki Bakugo/Image Gallery | My Hero Academia Wiki … (Victor Flores)

Most characters don't immediately listen to villains at their first meeting. Bakugou x Reader, Heavy Angst, Mentions of Violence, Past Happy Memories, Mentions of Death and Murders, Sad, No Being a villain is for the weak." Bakugou grimaced, standing on the rooftop of the school as the sun died in a sky painted with pink. Details: villain Bakugou? like, the reader is a pro hero and he crashes a party she attends, taking her? idk what would happen from there.

Sure, Bakugo's a bit of a jerk, but But Bakugou only viewing Kirishima as his equal was a BIG thing back then.

Details: Villain Midoriya Izuku. writing blog for Bakugou — villain Bakugou.

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I'll take his growth and make it my own, all to rise higher. When Bakugou woke up, he was strapped to a table in a dark room. I think this is foreshadowing bakugou and midoriyas respective villains they will face. and in the entrance exam bakugou scored so bakugou was in be in all for ones position as a child for midoriya so it would fit for bakugou to be the one to take out all for one himself.

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