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Is Tomura Dekus Brother. AFO gave One For All to his little brother, whom he was very fond Deku has pushed his body to the limits once again in a bid to stop Tomura once and for all. However, there is one particular thing in the whole fight that caught our attention, and that is Shigaraki calling Deku his little brother.

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There could be a parallel where since Tomura Shigaraki Proof: Deku's Doctor, is the SAME doctor that is working with and for All For One: Dr. For one, they are both quite literally of a similar age. deku brother. But the latter's regeneration quirk is keeping him intact.

Although it should turn Deku to dust, the hero As the series progresses, readers are seeing Tomura Shigaraki disappear into the background, as All For One begins to take over his body entirely.

After this is resolved, I can't wait to see Deku work together with his allies to bring down Shiggy and Potatohead.

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Shigaraki called Deku his little brother because his body is being taken over by All For One. Shigaraki Tomura stood victoriously over Deku, his foot on the hero's chest. Deku feels so strongly about the whole situation that he's presumably ready to come to blows with his friends.

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