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Is Dabi A Nomu. Toya's disdain for his father could've ended up manifesting in Dabi as an idolization for Stain and a general disdain for "false heroes" like his father, and him being one of the two first. Video Title Dabi Is A Nomu Theory – My.

My Hero Academia: Who Is Dabi?
My Hero Academia: Who Is Dabi? (Marion Rice)

Time to test Waifu deku's very first Nomu…. (≖︿≖). I will simp over MHA characters and post random drabbles about them here. – What if Dabi was part venus fly trap or smth. What a brilliant idea!" Instead of the Nomu, Twice made five copies of Himiko.

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This color of fire is proof that Dabi's fire is higher in temperature that Endeavor's.

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Since the Nomu retain some of their. Time to test Waifu deku's very first Nomu…. (≖︿≖). Dabi's fire Quirk is the ability to use a blue flame.

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