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Yu Yu Hakusho Demons. He wielded many blades, but none were more deadly than his sword Rival Bitter. Yu Yu Hakusho – Yusuke's Demon Transformation and battle vs Sensui.

Camiseta Kurama Demon Mode - Yu Yu Hakusho no Elo7 | PS ...
Camiseta Kurama Demon Mode – Yu Yu Hakusho no Elo7 | PS … (James Rogers)

The final battle of this storyline—or is it? This anime is not something that everybody is going to like, but most people should at The next arc was all about developing the main villain, revealing more about the demon realm and the lore of the Hakusho universe, and finally closing in on. He was a demon burn from a fire sprite.

Overall, Yu Yu Hakusho is a very fun and enjoyable series.

Lanipator's abridged YYH is the best thing ever.

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I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho or their characters. Demon World (魔界, Makai ) is the world where demons live. Yusuke faces off against Sensui, but this is no ordinary battle.

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