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What Quirk Does Nomu Have. One of multiple Quirks had been taken… and now Kurogiri was in agony, and the Doctor was enraged, because of what Izuku had done. In conclusion, the Nomus' exposed head does seem to be a weakspot.

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Maybe the League of Villains find out a way to copy quirks. The wondrous world of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia aims to embody. The Nomu seem to have brains without any kind of protection.

What does Nomu mean in My Hero Academia though?

Now you may be thinking, "how in the world could a Quirkless human like myself possibly attain such strength?" We've got you covered!

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Garaki, All For One's accomplice and the mastermind behind the Nomus. Shock Absorption: This Quirk allows Nomu to absorb shocks from any attacks, as well as Wild Nomu is a new Origin, you get Six Quirks, each can be individually quirk married and they exist side by side. Even if All Might had the same level of strength he had at USJ I can't see.

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