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Boku No Hero Academia All Characters Quirks. In some exceptionally rare cases, animals can also develop Quirks. A Quirk (個 (こ) 性 (せい) Kosei?, lit. "Individuality"), formerly known as a Meta Ability (異 (い) 能 (のう) Inō?, lit. "Extraordinary Ability"), is a superhuman ability that a person can possess.

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We ranked the best My Hero Academia characters from worst to greatest, from the truly trashy Mineta to the glorious All Might and beyond. Beware: Anime and Manga spoilers may be untagged due to organization … Supporting Characters note Three Sturm und Drang Brothers, Emperor Yotsuura, Suicide Bomber, Abegawa Tenchu Kai, Desire, The. See more ideas about hero academia characters, my hero academia, boku no hero academia.

He's constantly saying something positive, trying to Tbh Tamaki is one of my favourite characters in My hero academia.

The class president may have a stick up his butt about decorum, but he's got a good heart, and has some genuine character growth.

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Her quirk is called zero gravity which allows her to control the gravity. Partly because I see myself in him. All Wiki Arcs Characters Companies Concepts Issues Locations Movies People Teams Things Volumes Series Episodes Editorial Videos Articles Reviews Features Community Users.

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