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To Love Ru Who Is Celine. Más tarde, sufrió una metamorfosis y su apariencia se convirtió en la de una niña. At first I thought that the "To Love Ru" series was just another set of generic anime.

Celine - To-LOVE-ru Wiki
Celine – To-LOVE-ru Wiki (Myrtie Hall)

This event even shocks Momo, who is very knowledgeable with the galaxy's flora, stating Celine's biological makeup is still a A running gag as a child is Celine will playfully tackle any girl and attempt to breast feed on them. They have been indexed as Female Child with Blue eyes and Green hair that is Past Waist. The only person who really know Celine is yourself.

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She loves soda pop very much, but she isn't allowed to drink it because it has an So with a loud, ".

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Celine from Motto To Love-Ru

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The anime character Celine is a child with past waist length green hair and blue eyes. Celine is a character from the anime Motto To Love-Ru. The Result Is Completely Unexpected – And Magical.

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