How To Draw Different Types Of Anime Eyes

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Draw the top eyelids down in an inward slope and draw the pupils slightly rolled up. The overall shape of the eyes should be similar to the serious eyes squinting with lowered eyelids and eyebrows the irises can be drawn smaller like in crazy anime eyes and a lot of the inner details can be left out similar to the uncaring eyes.

Anime Eye Types Anime Eyes Anime Drawings For Beginners Manga Eyes

How to draw Anime eyes – 4 different styles Voice-over Tutorial – YouTube.

How to draw different types of anime eyes. These types of eyes are usually drawn for younger male anime characters and are fairly big and wide. Draw as described above in the first part of the tutorial. For fine detail you want to use H pencils.

The artist shows you four different styles of anime eyes for you to try and draw. You can draw a monolid eye by excluding the crease or giving a small hint of it at the end of the eye. For texture and shading use B pencils.

To draw eyes for a villain anime character you can use a combination of two or all three of the serious crazy and empty anime eyes. Anime Eyes drawing – step 2. So heres 60 of them.

Drawing Angry Anime eyes Angry anime eyes. Anime eyes are probably one of the most complicated type of eyes to draw. Since theres more to female eyes well start there for this tutorial.

Drawing Normal Anime Eyes Anime eyes. Draw a thick arched line in the shape you want for the top of the eye and then add however many lashes youd like for this character. First youll want to start with the eyelids and eyelashes.

It should meet the first line in a point on the inside of each eye open on the other end. The reason is because theyre so based on exaggerated reality. After that I will explain to you how you can achieve different styles of anime eyes.

In this post tutorial I will be teaching you the different parts of the eye and compare it to an anime-styled eye. The blacker and bolder the pencil the softer. For example male and female eyes adult and children eyes.

Begin by drawing two curved lines. How To Draw Different Types Of Anime Eyes Animeoutline Anime Eyes Manga Eyes Eye Drawing. These will form the tops of the anime girl eyes.

This is me showing how to draw 3 different types of anime eyes the second one is my fav. Practicing different anime eye styles. Drawing Anime Facial Features to Match the Style Anime eye comparison.

The video has a voice-over so its easy to follow the artist and draw along. Drawing Semi-Realistic Anime Manga Eyes Semi-realistic anime eyes. These commonly consist of the eyelidseyelashes the iris pupil reflections and the top shadeddark eyelash reflection area.

Drawing a 34 view of the eye can be simpleand that is what we are going to teach you todayLearn how to. How To Draw Eyes Anime Boy Howto Techno – To draw the eyes closed just draw the upper eyelids like you normally woulda downward curving line for female if you color in your drawing stick with 1 or 2 colors for the pupils so the eyes still look anime. By stretching the iris and pupil artists are able to draw large eyes and still make a character retain a normal eye expression.

For an angry look draw the eyebrows down in a kind of inward wave shape. Learn how to draw anime eyes in 10 steps Lets start with how to draw female anime eyes. Regular style male anime eyes examples.

Start with freshly sharpened pencils. Draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the eyes below that. Drawing Bored Anime Eyes Bored anime eyes.

While I wish it was possible to give a similarly exhaustive widely applicable easy-to-read answer for this topic like with the hair colors one there is a bit too much going on with eyes in the anime world to sum up everything in a couple of neat and tidy paragraphs. Try not to angle your line too much when drawing downturned eyes. This is why Ive been saving these type of cartoon eyes for last.

Dont draw the iris pupil or lower eyelid. How to Draw Eyes 34 View in Manga Anime Illustration Style. How to draw female and male mangaanime eyes.

Pin On Ogon Och Munnar. Moe-moe kind cool and emotionless is the four different styles you can learn from this art tutorial. Anime Eyes drawing – step 1.

Ive seen a lot of how to. These types of eyes are usually much narrower vertically and are. Draw the mouth slightly above the halfway point between the nose and the chin.

Draw another curved line beneath each of those drawn in the first step. Serious Styles of Male Anime Eyes Serious style male anime eyes examples. Its important to experiment with the eye shape than to.

To draw the eyes closed just draw the upper eyelids like you normally woulda downward curving line for female anime eyes or a horizontal line with a slight curve for male anime eyes. Do note they are not in different art styles but in different shapes instead. Takahiro Kimura Anime Eyes.

Find this Pin and more on Animoo drawing by Argenia Mejia. Answer 1 of 5. In fact the one I drew is pretty extreme already.

Then I will show you how to draw a basic anime eye step by step. Rate comment and subscribe. You can also see this in other styles outside of anime and manga.

Do the same for the bottom eyelid but not quite as. We Love Anime Manga And Music Anime Eye Designs Drawings Anime Eyes Eye Drawing. Draw the nose halfway between the middle of the face and the chin.

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